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Home to what I believe to be The Ultimate Aftertouch Repair Guide on the net!

After being frustrated with no real thorough guides, I performed the repair on my own JX-8P and took pictures as I went. I then put together my own guide with detailed pictures. I would like to thank the authors of the original guide & photos, (IOTech & StirliTZ) found here that I used to prime myself on the process

Welcome to! I put this site up to offer my solution to simplifying the programming process of the Roland JX-8P Synthesizer. I combined the parameter edit numbers with an illustration of the PG-800 hardware programmer.

The result is a very logical & intuitive reference aid that really speeds the process of manually programming the synthesizer. You will actually have fun programming your synthesizer! Once you use the reference sheet, you may never open your manual again!

In my mind, it was much more logical to have a visual representation of the actual PG-800 layout when altering the parameters of the patches. Each corresponding parameter number is located on the corresponding slider, switch or knob of the sheet.

I've used software emulators for the PG-800, but I honestly prefer to "hand" edit each parameter with the single slider and the reference sheet since I do not need to keep the keyboard connected to the computer. I also believe that the single slider method of programming helps beginners to learn how each parameter change affects the patch sound by providing a visual link to the parameter name.

Further Details
I designed the sheet in Coreldraw as a vectorized drawing. I used the PG-800 diagram in the back of my JX-8P manual as a model, and of course, used the parameter numbers from the manual. I also included the MIDI parameters as well as 2 common procedures; writing a patch and editing the patch chain.

There are 2 different colored versions of the sheet available for download as can be seen on the upper right hand side of the website. The first version has a dark grey background with white lettering. This version is a near color match to the JX-8P's casing. Note that you may have to adjust your printers settings to get a close printed matching color. I did not make the grey match exactly, since using a darker shade of grey allowed for a higher contrast effect on the parameter edit numbers. The second version has a white background with black lettering.

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